Air Traffic Control – Trapped In – Bury

THEME: Terrorists have kidnapped airport traffic control staff and you have been sent in to help guide four planes in that only have 60 minutes worth of fuel left.

We played Air traffic Control after we’d played about 6 games but there were only two of us on this occasion. We were met by friendly staff who were happy to talk to us about the company and delivered the explanation of the room. It was a pretty straight forward room and we had seen most of the puzzles before, despite this, some of them were still challenging and it allowed us to keep a quick pace throughout the room and try to escape without asking for any clues. Clues were delivered via a screen on request or when they thought you needed it and we only got one when we hadn’t looked carefully enough at a particular hiding place. It was a good room and particularly suitable for beginners. There was enough for two of us to explore and do but it was quite linear and there was only one puzzle we had to work together on. The room, props and puzzles were all very relevant to the theme and it was a well put together room with some good puzzles.


BEST BITS: Using a variety of information from various sources to work something out in the first section (I don’t want to say any more as it’d give it away!). That particular puzzle was really good and came together well. I haven’t seen anything quite like it since.

SUMMARY: A good room perfect for beginners as it has a range of relatively straight forward puzzles with some team work involved.

LEVEL: Beginner


Trapped in

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